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Voice Rehabilitation


I work alongside voice health professionals in the rehabilitation of singers after therapy and surgery.
Conditions that affect the voice are almost never straight-forward and the diagnosis and advice of a trained voice health professional is vital in order to understand and effectively deal with voice problems and to ensure a healthy outcome.

A healthy voice is clear.  Changes in voice quality that last for more than two weeks should be investigated in order to rule out physiological changes to the edges of the vocal folds. The British Voice Association website has a list of specialist Voice Clinics and these can be accessed on the NHS by referral from your GP.

One of the most common things I deal with is Muscle Tension Dysphonia.   My work with singers is most often in order to correct imbalances in technique that lead to the throat muscles taking on too much tension in order to create voice.   This can arise due to any number of factors, but technically it is often related to breath management and also to the posture of the head and neck.

I also work with singers post therapy for vocal fold nodules, and have experience working with singers presenting with a number of other vocal conditions including diplophonia, gastro-oesophageal reflux, the vocal effects of deafness in early childhood, puberphonia, cleft palate, prenodular changes, vocal fold cysts and laryngitis amongst others.

Clients have included lead singers in bands, operatic soloists, teachers who sing, children and young singers and amateur choristers.

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