• Frith Trezevant: Singing Teacher based in Bristol, providing Singing Lessons in Bristol and the South West
  • Frith Trezevant: Singing Teacher based in Bristol, providing Singing Lessons in Bristol and the South West
  • Frith Trezevant: Singing Teacher based in Bristol, providing Singing Lessons in Bristol and the South West



“ (Dear ***** ) , write back to Frith and try to hook up some sessions. I met her on Saturday and within 7 mins found her to be one of the most knowledgeable voice coaches I've ever met. Prioritise this over any other I've suggested thus far… “
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" I got in!  He said that I have an amazing range – and sing a top A better than some of his Sopranos! Got a higher mark than last time and put in to semi-chorus.  All down to you - Thank you for all your encouragement. "
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Singing Teaching


I teach in schools in Bristol and in private practice.  I am on the teaching teams at Cardiff University and with the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain, and am a Guest Artist in Residence with the SPARK and IGNITE choirs.

There are three basic components to good singing – good body balance, flawless breath management and making your own sound.  The principles of the Alexander Technique are important in my work, and the breath management system I use is based on the Accent Method.

My teaching is founded on my knowledge of voice health, voice science, and the anatomy, physiology and psychology of voice.  I read around my subject widely, and my bookshelf includes:

pibg The Voice Clinic Handbook – Harris and Harris, Rubin and Howard et al
pibg Singing and Teaching Singing – Janice Chapman
pibg Singing and the Actor –Gilly Anne Kayes
pibg What Every Singer Needs to Know About the Body – Malde, Allen and Zeller
pibg The Voice and its Disorders – Leslie  Mathieson
pibg Singing Neanderthals –  Steve Mithen
pibg A Soprano on her Head – Eloise Ristad
pibg The Singing and Acting Handbook – Thomas de Mallett Burgess and Nicholas Skilbeck
pibg Voice Work – Art and Science in Changing Voices  - Christina Shewell

As a member of both the British Voice Association and the Association of Teachers of Singing, I keep up to date with publications, courses and conferences.

I try not to use imagery as a teaching tool.  A well-chosen image, if it is anatomically correct, can be a useful short-cut to a vocal solution, but unless the student understands what she is required to do, an image instead of an instruction can be misleading or even injurious to good voice production.  I try to stick to how singing feels, to encourage the student to listen to the messages of their body and muscles.

There is no shortcut to good voicing.  Practice is key, and this means working on exercises.
Exercises are boring.  All of them are.  They focus on single elements of singing so their fun potential is limited.  You should be able to do them correctly in your sleep.  They are routines which set up your body and your breath for the job of singing.  The singing is the fun bit.  Boring exercises may be rescued in a lesson by a lively delivery.  In your own time, they will still be boring.  But they work.

If you don’t practise your exercises, every time you start a new song you start from scratch.  Exercises build technique because they build awareness of minute changes.  Singing songs does not, so please don’t include singing in the shower or in the car as part of your practice routine.  You can do these things.  These things are fine.  But they are not practising.



In addition to working on technique, repertoire, sight reading and theoretical background, I offer preparation for auditions, examinations, performances and competitions. Lessons are tailored to the individual’s needs.


I am happy to work with small groups of singers.  This spreads the cost of lessons and can provide a genial way of working.  Generally, the whole group warms up together and then we can work on individual singers.  The members of the group learn from observation of one another as well as in their own sessions.



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