Frith Trezevant: Singing Teacher based in Bristol, providing Singing Lessons in Bristol and the South West


Frith Trezevant is now Choral Coach for
'Original Sing'.
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" She's the Choral Detective..."
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Choral Coaching, Workshops & Masterclasses


Choir Coaching

I have experience of working with choirs of all kinds, from amateur church groups to elite ensembles, and across all ages. My work may include large or small group warm-ups, large group work based on a particular aspect of performance or technique, and helping out in rehearsal for performance and recording.  Working in a team with a conductor can lead to quick resolution of issues of articulation, voice leading, entries, tuning and other issues where there may be a technical fix that has a positive outcome for the choral sound.



I am happy to give voice workshops for teachers, singers and actors and others working in voice.  These may focus on voice health, anatomy and physiology, vocal warm-ups and exercises and how they work, common singing problems, or singing a particular work.



I particularly enjoy performance workshops and am happy to work in a masterclass set-up.  In these sessions, the accent is on interpretation rather than technique.  The creative aspects of singing teaching may give rise to discussions on technique, but the aim is to release the singer’s creativity and to explore repertoire from many angles.


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